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Professional Athletes

“When given the opportunity, I will pass them out....I even keep the cards in my vehicle for quick access.  Churches, family, friends, and speaking engagements are some of the venues where I have the opportunity to witness through the cards…  When Bengals fans send letters with cards to sign, I always stick one of my testimony cards in the return envelope.  This is another effective way in helping to spread the message of Jesus Christ to the world abroad.  Thanks Chris for your time in helping put together another great tool to reach those for Christ.”
Reggie Kelley
Tight End-Cincinnati Bengals

“The testimony cards are a great way to tell a brief life story to large groups without even speaking.  They are a great tool that can be used at athletic events, where your testimony may not otherwise be heard. 

A couple examples: We placed the cards in the packets of those attending our summer soccer camp.  I believe there could be many seeds planted from those alone. My cards were also placed on the counter at the family gym. My parents got a call from a mother who had picked up a card and read it.  She said she was really touched by the message and asked if I could speak to her teenage son who was having trouble with drugs and stuff. (I did meet with him). The Lord will use the cards as He purposes.”
Matthew Maher
Defender –New Jersey Ironmen

"As a professional soccer player I am very blessed to have the opportunity to play the game that I love and work with kids all over America.  There were so many missed opportunities in my past about not telling young kids about Jesus Christ and what it means to have a true relationship with Him. 

“The Testimony Card” is not only a great resource to spread the Word of God, but they also give us an opportunity to make real life changing deposits into young kids’ lives.  I use the cards at my hometown soccer camps, at my soccer-tennis tournaments, and anywhere else I am around young kids.  Thanks for better equipping me to do some real 'Kingdom work.’”
Anthony Maher
Forward-Milwaukee Wave

“During my outreach appearances as a Major League Soccer player, having a testimony card was very important.  The kids and adults who were in attendance enjoyed having a card to take home.  They may not remember all the words that I spoke, but giving out a testimony card gave people a chance to read about my love for Jesus.  The testimony card was also a great way for me to reach fans when I was in the community working with kids or after a match or at an autograph session."
Tim Regan
Toronto FC American-based Scout
Defender-NY/NJ MetroStars 2003-2005

“Testimony cards have been great for expanding my ministry.  These cards are one of the many tools I believe God has given me to use my platform to bring Him glory.

In 2005, I played on the University of Illinois men’s basketball team in the NCAA Final Four. At this event, a team of students from a Christian campus organization passed out my testimony cards to every fan entering the arena.  To this day, I receive emails of how God touched people’s hearts by reading the back of those cards at the Final Four.”
Roger Powell, Jr.
Professional Basketball Player
Series A Italian League

“Every baseball season my travel schedule is very grueling.  I spend a lot of the summer traveling from city to city on planes, trains and automobiles.  My testimony cards are a great tool to introduce myself to strangers as I travel.  People sitting next to me on the plane, cab drivers, airline employees; these are some examples of people I hand cards to and God takes it from there. 

I will never forget the day I gave my card to all of the 67 other major league umpires at our annual union meeting.  There are not that many Christians on the staff and after the meeting I thought I would no longer be "one of the guys."  The opposite was true. A lot of the guys commented how much they liked the cards.  Our lives are our greatest testimony but these cards are great "ice breakers" and really allow God to work in other peoples' lives.  What a great honor and privilege when God allows us to join in on his work.”
Ted Barrett
MLB Umpire

"I have been using the testimony cards for most of my professional career as a way to share my faith in Jesus Christ while signing autographs, playing with pro-am participants, and when meeting people along my travels. I have found that handing a picture provides a personal connection and brings a smile rather than just signing a piece of paper. I also believe God is using my testimony on the backside to plant seeds into peoples lives. What an honor to share the Gospel in a small way."
Tracy Hanson
Professional Golfer


“These testimony cards are a powerful way to share an athlete's faith in Christ with children and adults. We give them out at outreach events, and to churches, Christian schools and to ministry supporters. I have one made for every athlete in our program that desires to use this tool to share his faith. They've been a fun and effective element of our outreach ministry.”
Rob Skead
Athletes in Action
Chapel leader to players on Red Bull New York (MLS)

Ministry Leaders

“Testimony cards have a made a huge impact throughout the years.  I have given cards away and people years later remember me, but more importantly, they remember the message of God's love and acceptance on the card.”
Derwin L. Gray, M.Div.A.
President of One Heart At A Time Ministries
Free Safety-Carolina Panthers 1993-98

“The cards are great!  We have used them at international church events like KidsGames and at outreach events all the way over in countries like the Ukraine and Namibia.  Come to think of it, we have even utilized them at secular martial art tournaments like the Terra Cotta Challenge.  I highly recommend using them!”
James Sang Lee
World Martial Arts Champion

“The testimony cards are beneficial to me during the "casual" conversations I have with people. On an outreach, I may only have a minute or two for conversation with someone in the airport, on the sports field or in a store. People want to know why I am in their country.

Testimony cards open a door for me to share Jesus and enable me to share with them quickly. Also, I put a web site on the back of the card that links them with the Gospel online.  This is a way I can direct them where I know they will be able to hear the Gospel.”
Eddie Rogosich
P. E. Teacher and H.S. Boys Basketball Coach

Sports Broadcasters

“I've found the cards to be most useful at school or camp speaking engagements. I often arrive with a bunch of signed cards that can be distributed to those who'd like one. I've also made it a habit to include a signed card in any request I get in the mail for an autograph.”
Clark Kellogg
CBS Sports Broadcaster

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