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Why the everyday person should utilize “The Testimony Card?”

Scripture tells us to always be willing to give an account of the hope that we have. Regardless of your occupation as a school teacher, lawyer, plumber or any other field, we have been commanded by Jesus Christ to share his love and make disciples of all nations according to the Great Commission. (Acts 1:8)

These cards are great conversational starters whether at a grocery store, restaurant, traveling through an airport, or even going through a drive-thru at a your favorite fast-food establishment. Because you won’t always have 5-10 minutes to share how Christ has redeemed you, many have found “The Testimony Card" to be an effective tool give people... and people actually keep the cards because they look like the trading cards many of us are familiar with.

Why professional athletes should utilize “The Testimony Card?”

Whether or not you’re actively playing in your sport, approaching retirement or have been retired for a number of seasons, consider the fact the Lord allowed you to have the unique platform of a professional athlete.

With that in mind, I would like to encourage you to continue to hand out “The Testimony Card” for years to come. The Lord will always place people within your circle of influence, people who need to be pointed in the direction toward Christ’s grace and mercy.

Derwin Gray, formerly of the Carolina Panthers and Twan Russell, formerly of the Miami Dolphins are individuals who have foundations and continue to utilize the cards. You will have opportunities to spur teammates and other players or athletes into getting a testimony card produced.

Why utilize Chris Pedersen?

Personal service, readily available, quick turnaround time (usually two weeks once proof is approved by the client)

With my broadcast journalistic and Athletes in Action experience, I’ve interacted on a professional level with both pro and collegiate athletes alike, respecting their privacy. I’ve worked with individuals, athletes and chaplains from many different ministries from Athletes in Action, Fellowship of Christian Athletes, One Heart at a Time, Russell Reading Foundation and University of Illinois.

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