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All you need is:
Testimony Text

2 photos (hard copy photos non returnable) or digital (300dpi)

Signed Disclaimer Form

Check for full payment

Ordering Process

Download the Disclaimer Form - Print and sign.
Download Testimony Card Worksheet (Word Doc / PDF)

Answer each question (in two or three sentences) and other pertinent information to assist you in writing the testimony. In writing your testimony, you are only briefly expounding on the answers already written. Remember to keep the text to 250 words or less.
Email the text and digital photos to Chris Pedersen.

I will provide further assistance and communicate with you in editing the draft. If necessary, include a ministry, foundation or other logo to appear on the front of the card. Our designer will select the photo which works best for the artwork.

(A Gospel version with Scripture verses is also available for the back of the card, if you wish to have something other than a personal testimony)
Mail completed packet of:
Disclaimer Form
Physical photos
(if any, physical photos are NON-RETURNABLE)
Check in full payment made out to Chris Pedersen. (Full payment in check form is due at the time the order is placed.)

The Testimony Card
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Midland, TX 79705

Questions? Call: 1-858-752-3687

After we have received all materials:
Our designer will create the artwork for “The Testimony Card.”

Upon completion of the artwork, a PDF proof will be emailed to client for approval. (any necessary edits will be made)

Upon client approval, proof will be sent to the printer. The client should have the personalized cards within 14 days.

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