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Produced "Legends of the Hardwood" annual outreach event at the NCAA Basketball Final Four

Served as Media Director with Athletes in Action basketball team

Produced “The Testimony Card” for professional athletes in the NFL, MLB, and NBA.
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From 1998-2003, I served as a missionary with Athletes in Action, the sports ministry of Campus Crusade for Christ. During this season of life, I called Cincinnati, OH and AIA headquarters home. The Lord utilized my background and talents in broadcast journalism within the Communication and Marketing Division of the ministry. Areas of service included: writing and producing “Legends of the Hardwood,” an annual outreach event at the NCAA Basketball Final Four. In similar fashion, I also served at outreach events at the Super Bowl and Major League Baseball All-Star Game. Our aim was create a unique environment in which to present the Gospel to the business community in the various cities where the event was held.

Other memorable opportunities included serving as media director with AIA’s basketball team each fall. The team, comprised of former collegiate and current professional players, competed against the top colleges and universities in the land, often having the opportunity to share a testimony and the Gospel at halftime.

In conjunction with the 2000 Summer Olympic Games in Sydney, Australia, I teamed with an international team of volunteers and conducted various sports clinics instructing local youth in skill and character development.

After a series of transitions in my life in 2003, the Lord allowed me the opportunity to start producing the “The Testimony Card” for athletes like Mariano Rivera, All-Star Pitcher of the New York Yankees, Tim Howard, former goaltender of Manchester United, and Jeff Hartings, former Pittsburgh Steelers All-Pro Center. Athletes like these desired to share how Jesus Christ had drawn them to Himself for eternity. During the first couple of years, the focus was primarily on those in the athletic arena; however, the Lord has since placed a burden upon my heart to produce the cards for anyone who had been transformed by the life changing Gospel of Christ. After all, people from every walk of life have a story to share.

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