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You have a story to tell, and now there’s a ministry tool for you with which to tell it.

Athletes, coaches, sales reps, produce managers, lawyers, homemakers, students and others alike have found it easy and fulfilling to share their experience of life-changing salvation in Jesus Christ through a personalized, printed “Testimony Card.”

As a professional athlete, you can use your exposure to impact countless lives. Read more about athletes already using testimony cards today.

Roger Powell, Jr. uses "The Testimony Card" to impact countless lives.
Read his story


As a believer you encounter people in need of Christ every day. Whether it’s planting the seed or witnessing in depth, learn more about how testimony cards can help you impact lives forever.

Eddie Rogosich
P. E. Teacher and H.S. Boys Basketball Coach
“The testimony cards are beneficial to me during the "casual" conversations I have with people.
Testimony cards open a door for me to share Jesus and enable me to share with them quickly. ”


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